Eccentric voice of தமிழ்(Tamil) music

4 singers of eccentric voice.
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Short Intro

Have you ever tasted a wine 🍷 ?

If you buy a bottle of wine 🍷 it can be stored upto 20 years in unopened state, but once its opened. It has to be consumed within a year or two. But if its properly sealed and stored in cold storage, you can consumed it for decades.

But but not all wine can withstand the time.

If you buy a $5 or $500 wine bottle. Once its opened, it has limited shelf time.

If they are going to be bad in time, you should ask yourself why am i paying top dollars. Because you are paying the money for the best fruit 🍇, the fruit that has quality to age the wine (premium quality).

The best fruit can produces a premium quality wine 🍾, that has exact taste over time (sometimes even decades).

Before you think why i need this useless information

Hold on, wait. You need to know it.

A good music is as sip of wine.

It either hits you or not. If it gets you, it will put you in a state of peak emotion.

A girl sleeping and enjoying music

You can't consume in a hurry, it takes time, relax and rest back. Try to feel it, sliding from your mouth to your heart.

Like a wine, you need to taste it sip by sip , to relive yourelf from this reality

I am going to reintroduce these rare wines 🎤 of தமிழ்(Tamil) music to simulate your intoxication.

Here is the playlist i have created for you, just listen 🎵 and thank me later 🙏.



Chinna Chinna Asai made ARR to be icon of Next gen music (and he still retains his throne). He got a national award and rest is history. But you failed to know the singer for the national award song. Minmini melodious voice and ARR music was the dawn of India's milleninal music taste.

Life is unfair for Minmini after the big break, she lost her voice.

But Minmini had good number under illayaraja.

But my favourite is from ARR, not from ROJA but from karuthamma

Adnan Sami

Adnan Sani

If your soul has voice it would sounds like Adnan sami songs. Adnan Sami song struck me different next to sukhwinder singh.

His tamil accent adds a flavour to songs that echoes around your heart.

Man i wish, someone had given more oppurtunity to him in Tamil. You should listen his songs in best bass speakers.

Its challenge to understand the lyrics from the song and that's the beauty. Because any one can sing

Sukhwinder Singh

Sukhwinder Singh

We should give lots of credits of ARR, to rope Sukhwinder Singh in Tamil hits. Sukhwinder Singh tamil songs has attained legendary status. Top charts of 90's tamil song is dominated by this king.

If there is meme to describe his song 🤣

Dexter meme

Don't miss any of his songs. His songs are OG of vibe.

Shahul hameed

Shahul hameed

You might remember recent death of legend S.B.P. It's huge impact on Music lovers across India. S.P.B holds 40,000+ songs across 16 languages. No could replace his voice even at age 74.

S.P.B was most celeberated singer, he is star.

Like Minmini, Shaul Hameed had a short music carrer; he died in a accident.

But he has given me the best songs. If Illayaraja had SPB, it was Shaul Hammed for ARR.

ARR has betted on Shaul Hammed during early carrer, all 90s Tamil Chartbuster is from this Combo.

Tamil first acapella Rasathi

Aval varuvala with Hariharan.

The world renown Urvasi Urvasi.

A meme fact he has also sung for these two famous folk songs 🤣.

The pleasure is mine in reintroducing Shaul hameed to your playlist. Now you have the oppurtunity to spread the name and love for this legend.

Javed Ali

Shahul hameed

Ok i don't have to sell Javed Ali to you. He is a Bollywood icon, with his mesmerizing voice.

But you might not know his fair share in Tamil music. When Yuvan joins with Javed ali you have a song for a lifetime.

The above combo is responsible for the recent vibe reels ❤️

These two songs stand out for me.

Expecting these list to grow as years pass by.

Kone Komane is my recent addiction but please don't watch the video 🫣.


Here is Spotify playlist and youtube playlist.

Share the love and always vibe.